Food connects people and the community .

I just landed from my long vacation, I had a wonderful experience of food, culture & the people. Which made me to write this simple article.
Does  food really connect the people?
I think personally yes I really agree on this.

I will share a small story:
When I was very young around 8 years old , I still remember someone knocked our doorbell of our house, and when my mother open the door, I saw a lady with a small bowl in her hand and asking something with my mom. Her name is Aruna, she was living in next door. She was asking a small bowl of sugar to make some tea, because she forgot to buy. Their conversation took so long. Since then, Aunty Aruna and my mom always exchanging some food, sweets or any dishes they make. Sharing their different thoughts and cultures. From that moment they become a very good friend. And that friendship starts because of a bowl of sugar.

When I was in primary school, when school days started we don’t know each other but during lunch hour, everybody shares their own meal. Students from other religion like Muslim, Parsi, Sikh, Christian, was sharing their food to each other. I still smiling whenever I remember those days, when we used to steal my friend’s tiffin box and finish his meal. And friendship started because of our meals.

I still remember Aunty Maria always inviting my family every Christmas feast. She’s always preparing cake, brownie, and Christmas pudding which I really love it.
My father’s friend, Uncle Syed used to send us lamb biryani in all occasion we have.
We used to send delicacies to our neighbor during Diwali festival.

Food is the easiest way to connect one people to another. It doesn’t matter where you from or which religion or culture you have, as long as you  are sharing your food with love and respect to one another, then the dot will never stop!

-chef Mural-


One thought on “Food connects people and the community .”

  1. 👌👌👌 beautiful thought .It took me to my child hood days also . I would like to share an experience, when we were in school we used to go for extra studies to our friends house that everyone but we were 5 of them and every time we used to go to a particular friends place our venue never changed. Once she asked us u guys never take me to ur places for studies I get bored every time at my place. We just laughed our guts out and we told her the reason. The reason was when ever we went at her place her used to cook food for us and it used to b so oops delicious that we used to end up only eating and no studies and I think even had come to know abt this so after few visits she stopped asking us and by herself she used to get us those delicious food to eat. Thanks aunty ,That’s how we connected through. And we r still friends.
    I agree to u manju Anna food connects people , awesome thought.

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