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imageWhen I arrived in Singapore year back in 2006, from Mumbai India. In my first off day, I was wondering what should I have for my lunch , I am a rice eater,
Since I am from India. I am not familiar in any international cuisine that time . I went out to see some familiar food and some rice dishes. I was near a casual restaurant , the dish name  “chicken rice” got my attention, I was wondering was in it, since word rice was there. i still remember it was Loy key chicken rice shop at Balestier. I was expecting it has some curry with it , but when they served the dish it was just rice and slices of chicken. I was thinking how I will eat this dish without a curry. But when I tasted, the chicken was roasted and the rice cooked in a different style and of course the chilly sauce was amazing. Since then I fell in love with this chicken rice dish .
Then it became my weekly routine to have Chicken Rice. I feel to be very excited and happy whenever I eat CR (I started calling CR) :).
. After few months , I started to find different places to try this chicken rice.
Even in a simple cafes or food stalls the taste and the quality is always there. CR became my Favourite food. Whenever someone ask me what will be a good dish to have in sg, CR would always be my first choice. Though I tried so many places most of them serve a very decent Chicken Rice,but Loy Kee, Naam Kee chicken rice, Tian Tian Chicken rice are my favourite food stall to have. I also noticed people eating CR during lunch and dinner specially local community. People are willing to wait and line up to have it.
Most of the Indian love this dish. And for me as Indian this dish is simple but perfectly complete meal. Until I am in SG , CR ie Chicken Rice will be my number 1 dish in Sg. It is proven that local people named this dish as one of the best signature dish for Singaporean. Today is my off , and I can’t help to stop myself to have CR.
So do try this simple, tasty and complete flavour dish when you visit Singapore.


Food connects people and the community .

I just landed from my long vacation, I had a wonderful experience of food, culture & the people. Which made me to write this simple article.
Does  food really connect the people?
I think personally yes I really agree on this.

I will share a small story:
When I was very young around 8 years old , I still remember someone knocked our doorbell of our house, and when my mother open the door, I saw a lady with a small bowl in her hand and asking something with my mom. Her name is Aruna, she was living in next door. She was asking a small bowl of sugar to make some tea, because she forgot to buy. Their conversation took so long. Since then, Aunty Aruna and my mom always exchanging some food, sweets or any dishes they make. Sharing their different thoughts and cultures. From that moment they become a very good friend. And that friendship starts because of a bowl of sugar.

When I was in primary school, when school days started we don’t know each other but during lunch hour, everybody shares their own meal. Students from other religion like Muslim, Parsi, Sikh, Christian, was sharing their food to each other. I still smiling whenever I remember those days, when we used to steal my friend’s tiffin box and finish his meal. And friendship started because of our meals.

I still remember Aunty Maria always inviting my family every Christmas feast. She’s always preparing cake, brownie, and Christmas pudding which I really love it.
My father’s friend, Uncle Syed used to send us lamb biryani in all occasion we have.
We used to send delicacies to our neighbor during Diwali festival.

Food is the easiest way to connect one people to another. It doesn’t matter where you from or which religion or culture you have, as long as you  are sharing your food with love and respect to one another, then the dot will never stop!

-chef Mural-


As I am writing this article when Indian Politics has also got a new trend in election winning a single largest party. This was happened in 25 years and the new Era was began in Indian Politics.  At the same time, all these years the Indian cuisine has also changed and  it has become versatile and more modern. In Old Era the Indian cuisine was known for heavy food because of the method of cooking, using fat ingredients like butter, cream, coconut, oil, yogurt and more. And serving used to be done in a copper ware.

The changes begin when the new Indian Chefs introduce the different way or method of cooking of indian dishes, and the perception of indian food. Thanks to the Chefs Such as Michelin star   Chef Vineet Bhatia, Chef Atul Kochar , Chef Vikas Khanna, Master Chef Sanjeev Kapoor , Chef Manesh M, Chef Sriram Aylur  and many more who put all their efforts to make Indian cuisine as one of the famous dishes globally. They presented in different way to become more healthy, tasty, and enticing.  Some of the chefs started using so many   ingredients which are not common in Indian cooking terminology, like pigeon,  rabbit, genie fowl, alaskan crab, cavier, butter squash, venison, and so on ….which made Indian cuisine so interesting and modern. Even in terms of crockery, new modern  very innovative has been used. Even the world big company like Mc Donald, indian food inspired them to make a new dish burger called “Aloo Tikki Burger” means potato patti burger, and as an indian i am really feel proud to see that one of your own signature food to be known worldwide.

Its amazing and so exciting to see that Indian dishes  paired with wines, champagne , beers, and whisky. And even in vodka. People and Diners are expecting the best of Indian cuisine. These efforts by all the chefs are highly appreciated by the dinner. Chefs are now  working in wording and description of dishes to make more interesting and eye appealing to attract diners. Creating some menus like “Chefs Tasting Set Menus” which consist different varieties to taste but smaller portion. Younger Indian chefs are coming up with unique ideas, creative beliefs, to do something different that has changed all these years. Diners are always looking for unique experience that is what as motivated, inspired the chefs renowned restaurant to do special dining experience.

I feel proud for the few Michelin Indian restaurant in  worldwide ,such as  Zaika, Tamarind, Quilon all in London  , Junun And Tulsi in New york . In Sinagpore too there are few restaurant which are redefined the Indian cuisine and perception such as the Song Of India, Rang Mahal and Jiggs Kalras Punjab Grill. I can see that there will be a bright future for the Indian cuisine and Young Indian Chefs in the world wide to make their presence and competitive globally with their creations since the new trend is BEGIN……